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Since 2006, our knowledge and relationships with some of the brightest and most creative minds in the industry has continued to develop. Culminating in a marketplace of excellent products and platforms that cover the 6 Fundamentals of Talent Working Well. We are looking to offer easy access to one, some or all of these to form the foundations of your tech stack that you go on to build upon when identifying, engaging, assessing, offering, on boarding and retaining top talent in to your organisation.

Workforce Planning & Forecasting | Talent Attraction & Engagement

The most successful organisations from a Talent Acquisition perspective are those who adopt a proactive prevention strategy rather than a reactive resolution one. This means workforce planning and forecasting ahead wherever possible. In doing so, they offer themselves the strongest advantage to ensure their attraction and engagement approaches can be one of an omnichannel routes to market on that opens up the aperture on the talent lens to include as wide a talent demographic as possible to engage with.

Assessment & Offer Management

There is no guarantee or exact science when it comes to reviewing and assessing a candidate, but the advances in business and organisation psychology courtesy of structured assessments and methodologies when it comes to understanding capability, competencies, drivers, motivators and much more have been significant. This approach will not be a single point of success or failure, rather it will allow you to make informed decisions that lead on to structured development plans to increase changes of success and retention for your colleagues.

On boarding & Retention

There are many moments that matter throughout a recruitment process. One of the most important is the new joiner experience referred to as on boarding. Ensuring the journey to date is as a good if not better as someone goes from being a candidate to an employee. The lead up to day one, induction, the first few months…it’s all about enriching someone with the values, behaviours and culture of a new organisation they are becoming a part of. Knowledge share, transparency and access to information that will make the experience as simple as possible. The platform to develop and retain someone for as long as possible.

Courtesy of our People Tech Stack - Digital Marketplace we are here to help

We are able to make introductions, support procurement, help design, develop and deploy one or multiple solutions from the marketplace. We can launch & leave, we can stay & support, we can partner process excellence and optimisation over a mid to long term period of consultancy.

Data, Analytics, Insights


Assessment & Interviewing

AI Tech Community

Talent Solutions

Talent Communities

Workforce Planning

Social Media Advertising 


Background Checks &
Pre Employment Screening

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